This website provides public information about the ClearWaterPMPC project, developing an environmentally friendly technology preventing growth of blue-green algae. ClearWaterPMPC was initiated by LG Sound and funded by "Research for SMEs" within the EU 7th Framework Programme.

Official start date of the project was 1 January 2012. Project duration is 24 months.

Project Description

Both in lakes, large ponds, water reservoirs and public waters, the growth of blue-green algae constitute a formidable problem. These types of algae represent a group of bacteria, known as cyanobacteria. They give rise to a distinctly foul odour and are also known to produce toxins. These toxins can cause various discomforts and illnesses. As well as causing skin irritations they are even suspected to be involved in the occurrence of liver cancer. Each year, numerous lakes are forced to close for all recreational use due to the growth of blue-green algae. In response to this global problem, a substantial annual budget is being released by governments with the purpose of keeping lakes clear from blue-green algae.

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Project Results

Control unit design specification including external sensors

The buoy will be equipped with 3 ultrasonic transmitters to provide a long range, of at least 500 meter diameter. Underneath the buoy, sensors will be installed to monitor the water quality real-time.

Literature study to determine the cyanobacteria that most commonly bloom the European lakes.

Through this literature study, Clearwater PMPC has determine the different algae types that dominate the European lakes most frequently. These algae types are also listed in a database, to which the most optimal ultrasonic program can be determined.

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